Piment d’Ville Red Chile Pepper
Piment d’Ville Red Chile Pepper

Piment d’Ville Red Chile Pepper

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Grown from the seeds of Piment d’Espelette from the Basque region in France. This California-grown red chile powder is a little sweet and a little spicy and is used just like black pepper.

Piment d’Ville adds rich flavors to dishes like onions while they are sautéing, veggies before getting roasted, or meats before they get cooked. It can also add a beautiful red-orange color to your foods in the cooking process. Piment d’Ville is a perfect garnish, adding a hit of bright color and a little heat. 

The Scoville Rating for Piment d’Ville is 4,000 to 5,000 units making it similar to a jalapeño, but much more like black pepper in pepperiness. 

Quick ideas for using Piment d’Ville: Season fried eggs, sprinkle a dash on avocado toast, use as a rub on roast chicken, add to hummus, or season your hash browns with it.

Store the product out of direct sunlight and away from the heat of the oven in order for it to retain its bright red color and flavor. 

1.2 oz in glass jar.

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